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Three-time hall of fame inductee, Soke “Bobby” Barongan, has been actively procuring the art of Chinese Kempo Karate in Des Moines, Iowa since 1973. Soke Barongan, a native of the Philippine islands and the system’s founder has been a student of the martial arts since 1963. Ever since the Barongan Kempo style began, it has evolved. This is the essence of the art. Adaptation and evolution while honoring the achievements of our past instructors.

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What we teach

Self Defense: The Barongan Kempo system is built from the most effective and efficient self defense techniques from many different styles.

Kobudo: As you come up in the ranks, instructors will teach you the traditional, and adapted weaponry techniques. We think it’s important to start early.

Traditional Kata: The kata we teach were created with an eye for building a strong base and understanding practical application of basic techniques.



Kempo Karate Martial Arts School Des Moines, Iowa