Traditional Karate and Filipino Martial Arts


Soke "Bobby" Barongan, a distinguished three-time hall of fame inductee, has been a driving force behind the promotion of Chinese Kempo Karate in Des Moines since 1973. Hailing from the Philippine Islands, Soke Barongan is not only the founder of this martial arts system but has also been a dedicated student of martial arts since 1963. Throughout the history of Barongan Kempo, the style has continually evolved, capturing the essence of the art itself. This evolution is a testament to our commitment to adapt and grow while paying homage to the accomplishments of our esteemed past instructors.

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What We Teach

Self Defense: The Barongan Kempo system is a fusion of highly effective and efficient self-defense techniques drawn from a diverse range of martial arts styles.

Weapons Training: As you progress through the ranks, our instructors will impart both traditional and adapted weaponry techniques. We believe in the significance of commencing your weapons training early in your martial arts journey.

Traditional Kata: The kata we instruct are meticulously crafted to lay a solid foundation and foster a deep comprehension of the practical application of fundamental techniques.

Filipino Martial Arts: Soke Barongan imparts his rich Filipino heritage to students as an integral component of our traditional Japanese-style Karate. Discover the core principles of stick fighting, bladed weaponry, and close-quarters combat, mastering highly effective and devastating techniques.