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Portland, Oregon testing

Sensei-sama Bill Miksich and kempoka Kyle Sheaffer welcomed Soke Bobby Barongan, Shihan Colleen Barongan, and Sifu John Hughes to Portland for a great seminar and testing. Congrats to Kyle for his promotion to yellow belt, and Sensei-sama Bill for his promotion to 3rd Dan. ...Read More »

Give it a go.

When I was a kid, I always wanted to study karate. I was absolutely sure being a black belt was what I wanted. It wasn’t until I was in the military that I had the opportunity to begin my training. The first school that I was a part of really...Read More »

New Students: What to Expect as a White Belt

Your first few months as a white belt are terrifying, overwhelming, and awesome at the same time. You’re always wondering if you’re doing it right, if the instructors think you have the ability and agility to do martial arts. You also wonder if you’ll ever be able to remember everything that...Read More »

How long until...

I receive a number of inquiries on this website from aspiring students. It’s a great feeling to know that the desire for learning a martial art are alive and well here in central Iowa! The exchanges are generally one-off requests about pricing, or how old child must be to join...Read More »

Photos from the kempo archives

Post-Tournament Shots Soke Barongan and Kodomo Rod at the Gathering of the Masters 2010 Gathering of the Masters 2010 Bowing out for the day – Gathering of the masters 2010 Soke Barongan presenting the Katana set Sensei Bill and Kodomo Rod after Tameshigiri Soke showing Candice Revita the next steps in her kata Sensei Bill, Kodomo Rod,...Read More »

Asian Heritage Festival 2012

...Read More »

Soke Barongan Historical Photos

...Read More »

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